I am a passionate science educator having been exposed to science education at school at an early stage in my life. In New Zealand quality science education is in my opinion not offered consistently across the primary and intermediate schools due to a number of factors.

I was working as I usually do one evening and opened up twitter for a little break. I noticed a conversation between Matt Nicoll and Rachel Chisnall on starting up a scichat forum on twitter. I reflected on this for 60 seconds before jumping into the conversation to offer my help.

Before I could catch my breath we were planning questions for the inaugural launch of #ScichatNZ on July 31st 8.30-9.30pm. This was exciting and we got to put our best ideas together. Come July 31st we were nervous but excited. The tweeps flooded in and before we knew it tweetdeck was moving faster than I could keep my eyes on it.  the primary, secondary and tertiary sector were all represented and it was neat to hear from people across all sectors.

What was the purpose in starting #scichatnz? We aim to bring together educators from all over NZ who have anything to contribute science related to our community. There is much to learn from each other and providing such opportunities will only strengthen our own understanding of the subject and empower us to support each other better.

The NZScience teacher featured #scichatNZ and gave their take on it:


Looking forward to meeting more science educators in the near future #scichatNZ


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